Novo Bugaboo Bee 5

Novo Bugaboo Bee 5

Um carrinho criado especificamente para pais que vivem a vida em movimento. 

Compacto e leve, o Bugaboo Bee5 é uma escolha inteligente para aventureiros urbanos.

Desde 649€ 

Como comprar o Bugaboo Bee 5:

Escolha a sua base (chassi)
Escolha entre uma variedade de assentos (vários tecidos e cores)
Escolha a sua barra
Escolha as suas rodas
Escolha a sua capota UPF 50+ 
Escolha os acessórios adicionais
Escolha os acessórios adicionais.

Mix, match & show your style

Be inspired by the non-stop whirl of life in the city, and use the colorful fabric sets to creatively style and restyle your Bugaboo Bee⁵. Extra colors, plus changeable wheel caps and grips now give you even more color options.

Customize your Bugaboo Bee⁵ with countless different color combinations. Choose bold basics from the Core Collection, muted mélanges from the Premium Collection, or gorgeous prints from the Signature Collection. Pick whichever colors you like for the chassis, extendable sun canopy, seat fabric, bassinet fabric, grips and wheel caps. Bugaboo fabrics are designed for daily use: • breathable, durable, comfortable and weather-resistant • UPF 50+ sun canopy for extra protection • easily removable • wash it as often as you wish